Steven (_shitgoose) wrote in wha_chu_claimin,

this shits weak, but i couldnt think of anything else...

Dropkicking hoes in they teeth, i cant put up with the shit they put on me, giving me philosphical reasons to why i should stop bein me. Fuck that shit, imma be all i can be. Im ready to cut loose on on these bitches, dick splitin clits, enough for 20 stitches, how the fuck can i be me with rules on wearing clothing, style, hair, and everything else im doing?! Its too much to handle in these current days and times, people feeding on the egos of the youth starting trends, thats fine, but pushing it on others like its coke, under peer pressure how can we cope, its just a scenery based on the people around us, groups of friends having fun without boundries. Stay true to yourself, or get caught in this brainwash, its just music with a message, not something to feed off of. Choose your own path, dont let others do it for you, im sick of this world and everything in it for real.
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