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damn i forgot i was in here...

turn my headphones up! turn them shits up!

well here i go i can't really flow or, but oh no! you won't catch me with a fro while saying bro. i don't do no blow. that shits whack, as you taste the back of my hand. SMACK! leavin' an imprint of an X on yo face. its more like osama your mama with a lama. or even like a wookie not gettin' any nookie in the millenium falcon with han solo and C 3-P0. am i in heaven? who whould have know i was once lord reven. reincarnation at its finest, minus the anticipation exclamation. I ain't no level 40 wizard in a blizzard, or battle orcs in middle earth while giving birth cause that shit ain't worth the time. all I hear these days is "fuck bush." yeah the dude sucks cock but you only say it to be more "punk rawk." capitalism, communism, anarchyism all that shit, politics is over rated like the last girl i dated. soon we will all be dead, but it looks like crimethinc seeped a little too far into your head. when you see the bullets fly you better hit the deck or your ass will get wrecked. my life is like vietnam, always droppin the a bomb. charlie in the tree, while niggas flee to the promise land we call home, and no i ain't talkin about rome, or livin' in the astro dome. did jesus really die for our sins, or was he just a punk ass bitch.

ha, man i can't believe i used nookie.
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