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You Wanna Battle?!
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in wha_chu_claimin's LiveJournal:

Saturday, April 9th, 2005
4:22 am
sit down shut up, enough of your shit
you aint nothin but a two piece bit
speak easy, nothing but the truth
i say its everything but.
push it deeper, kill the pain.
dont even bother, bowing your head in shame.
carry your weight, you've stepped up to the plate
times come to prove yourself
think you're man enough?
its rough kid.
best start thinking bout others.
you're already dead to me.
Saturday, December 11th, 2004
9:46 am
What happened motherfuckers?

Besta get this shit rollin.
Saturday, March 6th, 2004
12:46 pm
inteligence is not equivelant to the strength of your fist, youve taken 6 hits and yet youve still missed the target! your raps are irrelevant to anything the least bit importaint and if you were any more lame your life would self demolish. polish off your books and go to college your knowledge consists of star wars and hardcore politics your childish like preschool retorhic and your lyrics are givin me a hemorrhage... Hemorrhage-profuse bleeding; brain damage. battle this if you think you can handle it.... bitch
Thursday, March 4th, 2004
9:52 pm
oh wait wait.. brandon.. tell em about that one time you shit your pants..
9:44 pm
so i sit here, bored out of my head.. wondering which gurl i'll get with next.. the burnette, the blonde, or that damn he/she.. hey when i'm drunk i'm open to all things.. as long as that thing is on there knees giving me head.. i won't think twice before i tie a slut to the bed.. bitch i'm gonna get what i paid for.. charge me a hundred an hour when you just a two cent whore.. no more.. so i strap you there so's i can come back when my cock aims straight forward.. and don't mind the open sores.. you dirty as hell you know you've had this shit before.. i'll import a monkey from africa to bite your ass.. than when your aids test comes back postive i'll just fuckin laugh.. you're worthless.. i've seen smoother skin on leather purses.. stay out the sun it's gonna give you skin cancer.. make your pussy wrinkle than you'll never be a vegas dancer.. i ain't gonna kill you just fuck you up till you won't tell no one.. only glad to be alive and able to see your only son.. maybe i'll go pick him up and bring him to you.. then bend him over and fuck him up the damn poop shoot.. right in front of your eyes.. making both you fucks cry..

aww man i'm awesome..
1:24 am
damn i forgot i was in here...
turn my headphones up! turn them shits up!

well here i go i can't really flow or, but oh no! you won't catch me with a fro while saying bro. i don't do no blow. that shits whack, as you taste the back of my hand. SMACK! leavin' an imprint of an X on yo face. its more like osama your mama with a lama. or even like a wookie not gettin' any nookie in the millenium falcon with han solo and C 3-P0. am i in heaven? who whould have know i was once lord reven. reincarnation at its finest, minus the anticipation exclamation. I ain't no level 40 wizard in a blizzard, or battle orcs in middle earth while giving birth cause that shit ain't worth the time. all I hear these days is "fuck bush." yeah the dude sucks cock but you only say it to be more "punk rawk." capitalism, communism, anarchyism all that shit, politics is over rated like the last girl i dated. soon we will all be dead, but it looks like crimethinc seeped a little too far into your head. when you see the bullets fly you better hit the deck or your ass will get wrecked. my life is like vietnam, always droppin the a bomb. charlie in the tree, while niggas flee to the promise land we call home, and no i ain't talkin about rome, or livin' in the astro dome. did jesus really die for our sins, or was he just a punk ass bitch.

ha, man i can't believe i used nookie.

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, February 29th, 2004
12:03 pm
werd em up
... and none of this matters were all just actors on stage with canned laughter. cue the applause and ready facial expressions, elitest directors and stage inspectors impressed. dressed to kill for the biggest movie deals. theyre crowning the first that adopt quckest to their surroundings, the rest left drowing in a state of emotional poverty. and this bothers me wheres the stability and balance?! a one road challenge that leads to a dead end... were all dead in the end no friends no enemies and yet they get the best of my personality!? fuck that let worries go unsaid and unbothered father the thoughts of only a few days left.... death is just a day away and im afraid of dying unachieved, decieved of the beauties that life couldve brought to me. im taking hold
Thursday, February 26th, 2004
1:45 am
niggah say wha!!
WHA CHU CLAIMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im breakin it off wit all da double beats yo- throwin it at ya numetal style..those tight pants makin you mentalized im so funkdafied its makin youu paralyzed
uh uh yea... you cant keep up ,this argentinan fist of steal will knock you down into the grown..leave you shakin ,anticipatin .....let me hit that shit ... let me sip that shit...its the shit you just cant fuck wit...uh uh recognize.

the flava from the far south side!
Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
6:41 pm
spread the word on this site nugs.


post it in other communities if you can.... i dont wanna battle the same dudes
Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
1:53 pm
this punk ass milwaukee nazi plans on rollin up on me friday at the pierce st. house.. him and a following of his nazi friends.. i need crew to take out the nazi friends so i can handle the kid whos actin like a tuff guy.. he's a marilyn manson protigie and i guess is gettin some money to try to be like him.. well we'll see how that goes after i wreck his face... who's down?
9:13 am
Monday, February 23rd, 2004
2:09 pm
this shits weak, but i couldnt think of anything else...
Dropkicking hoes in they teeth, i cant put up with the shit they put on me, giving me philosphical reasons to why i should stop bein me. Fuck that shit, imma be all i can be. Im ready to cut loose on on these bitches, dick splitin clits, enough for 20 stitches, how the fuck can i be me with rules on wearing clothing, style, hair, and everything else im doing?! Its too much to handle in these current days and times, people feeding on the egos of the youth starting trends, thats fine, but pushing it on others like its coke, under peer pressure how can we cope, its just a scenery based on the people around us, groups of friends having fun without boundries. Stay true to yourself, or get caught in this brainwash, its just music with a message, not something to feed off of. Choose your own path, dont let others do it for you, im sick of this world and everything in it for real.
11:38 am
hatin girls post
she was Chubacca with 2 knockas the kinda gal youd neva wanna bring home ta mamma, voice as deep as Charlie Tuna her ass as big as Pumba from the lion king she wanted my dimond ring but all she got was dat 2 week fling, now shes beggin me "i wanna be your only queen" but truth is queen left last year she took her bags, packed up her life and got up outta here, the only girl dat was eva worth a tear. so listein up bitch you was just a replacement you fuckin know it so please dont be hatin, i remember chillin down in your basement yo ask your new man how my dick be tastin. im sorry hoe i dont mean to be rude but if ya wanna play jealousy i can play too. i was with 3 bitches and you neva had a clue! bitches get stitches when they fuck with CREW!

Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
2:01 pm
wha chew do?
yo check it i like uirnating on bitches faces masturbatin, ejaculatin to images of dead babies shit nigga im crazy like John Wayne Gacy killin yo children and keepin em locked up in tha basement.im playin you think id tell you where i keep em? i eat em and grind their bones to make pita bread. im not sick i just like the taste of blood and on my scale of life hate weighs more than love. i got a glove in my dresser for each person i murdered... i got one from Tim Taylor fuck home improvment that show timed with fresh prince and dat nigga Will Smith is my homie. when i get lonley i call him up groaning playin with my weinie but he cant see me it makes me feel kinky almost as fresh as when the bulls won the 3 peat. RevengeXcrew dont fuck with theese kids we roll with Jesus, 22 inch rims and the finest bitches, we stick it in their asses and watch em hit fetal positions. we break faces if you dont listen shoe shine skulls until they glisten then we piss in em and make your friends drink it.
1:55 pm
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