Brandon (brandonblood) wrote in wha_chu_claimin,

werd em up

... and none of this matters were all just actors on stage with canned laughter. cue the applause and ready facial expressions, elitest directors and stage inspectors impressed. dressed to kill for the biggest movie deals. theyre crowning the first that adopt quckest to their surroundings, the rest left drowing in a state of emotional poverty. and this bothers me wheres the stability and balance?! a one road challenge that leads to a dead end... were all dead in the end no friends no enemies and yet they get the best of my personality!? fuck that let worries go unsaid and unbothered father the thoughts of only a few days left.... death is just a day away and im afraid of dying unachieved, decieved of the beauties that life couldve brought to me. im taking hold
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