Brandon (brandonblood) wrote in wha_chu_claimin,

wha chew do?

yo check it i like uirnating on bitches faces masturbatin, ejaculatin to images of dead babies shit nigga im crazy like John Wayne Gacy killin yo children and keepin em locked up in tha playin you think id tell you where i keep em? i eat em and grind their bones to make pita bread. im not sick i just like the taste of blood and on my scale of life hate weighs more than love. i got a glove in my dresser for each person i murdered... i got one from Tim Taylor fuck home improvment that show timed with fresh prince and dat nigga Will Smith is my homie. when i get lonley i call him up groaning playin with my weinie but he cant see me it makes me feel kinky almost as fresh as when the bulls won the 3 peat. RevengeXcrew dont fuck with theese kids we roll with Jesus, 22 inch rims and the finest bitches, we stick it in their asses and watch em hit fetal positions. we break faces if you dont listen shoe shine skulls until they glisten then we piss in em and make your friends drink it.
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