Brandon (brandonblood) wrote in wha_chu_claimin,

hatin girls post

she was Chubacca with 2 knockas the kinda gal youd neva wanna bring home ta mamma, voice as deep as Charlie Tuna her ass as big as Pumba from the lion king she wanted my dimond ring but all she got was dat 2 week fling, now shes beggin me "i wanna be your only queen" but truth is queen left last year she took her bags, packed up her life and got up outta here, the only girl dat was eva worth a tear. so listein up bitch you was just a replacement you fuckin know it so please dont be hatin, i remember chillin down in your basement yo ask your new man how my dick be tastin. im sorry hoe i dont mean to be rude but if ya wanna play jealousy i can play too. i was with 3 bitches and you neva had a clue! bitches get stitches when they fuck with CREW!

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